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The H.E.L.P.-I.N.G. Group, LLC is an enterprise founded to help individuals, networks, and organizations secure financial resources to accomplish their missions or goals through a myriad of ways. The H.E.L.P.-I.N.G. Group was formed in 2003 to assist individuals, networks, and groups in their endeavours. We took many years of management, financial, and supervisory experience and formed a company dedicated to providing quality service at an affordable rate. Many people and organizations asked for assistance in a variety of matters. After a while, referrals were coming to us from previous client testimonies. We then expanded the company and formed an LLC. Since then, our team's experience and knowledge has made us a formidable union of expertise that can assist people in many areas. Our company is almost inclusive, so an individual, organization or business owner can make one phone call for almost all of their needs.

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