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We can design logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual communication you wish with minimum delay. We also advise you on the layout and presentation, produce a full range of color graphics all within a budget you can afford.

To maximize your advertising/marketing budget, it is imperative that your logo or marketing piece stand out and "pop". These characteristics should apply to desktop publishing, and your logo or marketing piece (i.e. - t-shirt, award, etc.) should have a dominant feature, a consistent typeface, an open and airy design, easy-to-read text, relevant illustrations, and a clear and visible logo.

Some of the many services we provide which include design and printing are:

We pride ourselves on focusing on "The 6 features of graphic design that sell" according to the United States Postal Service. Your marketing piece should be easy on the eye, but hard to ignore. To achieve that purpose, we follow those rules. Our goal is to get the reader's attention and guide them through enough information to arouse their interest and desire. We make sure to let your readers know whom to buy it from and how. Please click on the link below to view how we have helped previous clients with their desktop publishing and advertising/marketing needs.

A&B Photo Service, LLC - This ad was placed in the Black Pages in Columbia, SC and Augusta, GA. The client needed the ad rushed before a deadline, and we emailed it to the printer and helped review the proof.

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