Graphic Design

All businesses and non-profits in one way or another are striving for name, brand, or logo recognition. The more your logo or marketing piece is in front of the general public, the easier the recognition and association with the business name and service or non-profit and mission.

To maximize your advertising/marketing budget, it is imperative that your logo or marketing piece stand out and "pop". Although most of these characteristics apply more to desktop publishing, your logo or marketing piece (i.e. - t-shirt, award, etc.) should have a dominant feature, a consistent typeface, an open and airy design, easy-to-read text, relevant illustrations, and a clear and visible logo.

We pride ourselves on focusing on "The 6 features of graphic design that sell" according to the United States Postal Service. Your marketing piece should be easy on the eye, but hard to ignore. To achieve that purpose, we follow these rules:

  1. One thing dominates the page
    When you look at a well-designed page, there is usually one dominant feature to catch your eye. It could be the headline or the picture, but not both.
  2. Minimize typeface variety
    Your computer may come with 327 fonts, but that doesn't mean you have to use every one of them. The best designers stick with one, maybe two per piece - plus the logo.
  3. White space
    Don't be compelled to fill every inch of space with copy or pictures. A dense blob of type and pictures can look unattractive and turn readers away.
  4. Easy-to-read text
    Equally important as the overall design of the page is the design of specific text blocks. If the type is too small or condensed, if the columns are too wide, if the paragraphs are too long, it becomes too much work to read and people won't.
  5. Use relevant illustrations
    The purpose of the illustration is to help draw attention to or dramatize your message.
  6. Clear, visible logo and call-to-action
    You got the reader's attention and guided them through enough information. You aroused their interest and desire. Now you have to let your readers know whom to buy it from and how.
Some of the many services we provide are:
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Marketing Implementation and Support
  • Imaging and Presentation
  • Marketing Design and Placement

    Please click on the link below to view how we have helped previous clients with their logo and name recognition.
    Center for Learning Foundation - This graphic and T-Shirt was designed for the 2006 Youth Golf Tournament. The turn time from design to print to delivery was less than 5 days.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

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