Non-Profit Consulting

Non-Profit organizations are considered to be "not for profit", but in a capitalistic society you have to have money to not only achieve your goals and objectives, but you need it to help people as well. These organizations are no different than a small to large business except for the Internal Revenue Service designation and the ability to raise capital through tax-deductible donations. Otherwise, they must have resources, staff, equipment, and a network of collaborative partners just like a for-profit business.

Non-profit organizations are projected to employ over fifty percent of the workforce in the future. This growing population of entities is going to increase competition for funding dollars, employees, and constituents and clients. We help these organizations in a variety of ways. Some of the many services we provide are:

  • Financial Plans and Capital Acquisition
  • Equipment Acquisiton and Equipment Donations
  • Grant Writing Assistance and Economic Development
  • Critical Analysis and Reports
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising Assistance
  • Marketing Implementation and Support
  • Imaging and Presentation
  • Marketing Design and Placement
  • Press Releases
  • Graphic Design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Web Site Design

    Please click on the link below to view how we have helped previous clients formulate their plan.
    Center for Learning Foundation - A Foundation dedicated to education and community initiatives.
    The Renaissance Foundation - A Foundation improving the lives of people of all ages and enhancing the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

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